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The library provides a single class named IniFileParser which encapsulates an ini-style configuration file, that is, a file sectioned by section headers such as [service ftp], where each section consists of lines in the Form 'name = value' or 'name:subname = value', like this:

[service ftp]

anonymous = yes
user = no

[service smtp]

delivery:root = /root/mail
delivery = /var/spool/mail
port = 25

No other libraries are needed to use IniFile. Nothing but the C standard library is used by the code (these strcmp, strcpy etc). No STL, and even no string class.

The library is available under the terms and conditions of GNU Lesser General Public License, v. 2.1.

The last version is 0.3.22 and it is available for downloading in the form of source tarball here via ftp and here via http.

This is a development version. Please don't expect too much. I'm really sorry that, as for now, I've got no documentation for the library. I hope to add it later, and for now just take a look at the header files.

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