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The libraries found at this page are authored by Andrey Vikt. Stolyarov a.k.a. Croco and are parts of his personal toolbox.

There are some things in common about all these libraries: they never use libraries theirselves. That is, no library from this collection require any other library, neither 3rd-party, nor another one from the same collection. The only exclusion from this rule is the standard C library; and, of course, the libraries which direclty use Unix system calls, do not implement them because it would be stupid. However, C++ libraries don't use STL, and even the well-known C++ class string is not used. Despite these are a part of the C++ standard, they aren't so obvious that one could just accept them; there's always a way to make things way better (for a particular application, as well as in general!). STL suxxxx.

This doesn't mean you can't use STL together with my libraries. Use whatever libraries you want. This rather means you can avoid using STL if you want -- which would be impossible if I have used it in my libraries. Generally speaking, I believe that libraries should never use each other; when they do, the user experiences troubles with conflicting versions and other... hmm... adventures which we'd better stay away from.

Here's the list of the libraries available now:

Last updated March 22, 2007

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